Unconscious Bias Training Eliminates Hidden Prejudices

Unconscious biases are prejudices triggered by the brain to automatically assess people and situations based on personal background, cultural upbringing, and life experiences. Examples of such prejudice would include casting unknowingly judgement on others as a result of their skin color, gender, age, height, weight, introversion versus extroversion, marital and parental status, disability status, foreign…


Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act – 2018 New York Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

New York State and New York City have updated New York’s sexual harassment training requirements and become the most current state to enhance their sexual harassment laws, the #MeToo movement is definitely affecting more than just Hollywood. New York is moving closer to California with their overhaul of employment laws. In mid-April 2018, New York’s…


SB 396 Gender Identity Training Protects Transgender Workplace Opportunities

October 15, 2017, SB 396 was approved and requires employers to provide gender identity training that protects transgender workplace opportunities. On August 17, 2007, Assembly Bill 1825 (AB 1825) became effective and was mandated as a harassment prevention training requirement in the state of California. AB 1825 requires for employers to provide their supervisors (within…


AB 1661 Sexual Harassment Training Mandate for Elected Officials in California

Within the past few years, the California Fair Employment and Housing Commission (FEHC) recognized a growing statistic in prominent sexual harassment cases and allegations being made against California local agency officials. As a result of this, a new sexual harassment training mandate known as Assembly Bill 1661 was introduced by Senator McCarty on January 13,…


Boost for Janitors as Historic Law is Passed

On September 15th, 2016 California Governor Jerry Brown  signed into law a bill that established protection against harassment and sexual violence for custodial staff in the workplace. With janitors staging a hunger strike outside the state Capitol to support the bill that would increase workplace protection against sexual harassment and sexual assault, Gov. Jerry Brown…


Title IX Training for All Students and Faculty

Alarming statistics were revealed stating a fourth of all college/university female students are subjected to sexual harassment and or rape while attending higher education institutions. The highest risk is to freshman students during the “red zone” time period which is considered to be the period from the first day on campus up to the Thanksgiving break when most students have been accepted into a fraternity or club and the initiation phase is somewhat completed. Obviously the report stated that drug and alcohol use are contributing factors to these incidents and most go unreported because the victims feel no one will take them seriously.


Help! An Employee Claims They are Being Sexually Harassed, How Do We Handle It?


This is a common complaint and problem for employers. Employees go to their supervisor or Human Resources (HR) and use the word “harassment”, it gets everyone nervous followed with questions on how to handle it.Many employees use this word to provoke action and the employee is often thinking that any type of offensive behavior is illegal workplace harassment.


Employers Using Social Media To Fire Employees Face Legal Challenges

icon320x320Facebook gaffes that can cause trouble in the workplace aren’t unique to drunken college students anymore. As more companies and their workers tap into the world of blogs, Twitter and Facebook, employers are tripping over legal potholes in social media.

Next week a National Labor Relations Board judge will consider whether a medical-transportation company illegally fired a worker after she criticized her boss on Facebook, in the federal agency’s first complaint linked to social media.

In another case, workers sued a restaurant company when they were dismissed after managers accessed a private Myspace page the employees set up to chat about work.


Top States for Start-Up High Tech Hiring

Shot of a group of young business professionals having a meeting

Silicon Valley is a no-brainer. But where else in America is hiring at the smallest, scrappiest, biggest-growth-potential companies?

Want to hone your entrepreneurial skills and get a feel for the start-up scene before diving in to found your own company?

Heading out to Silicon Valley to search for a start-up gig is a no brainer, but what if you’re not that excited about West Coast living or are otherwise limited in where you can go? What other places offer you a decent chance of landing a job at a newly born company? Or how about if you’re hiring for your already existant new company. Where will your efforts run up against the most competition?