Compliance Training Group is the nation’s leading provider of comprehensive, integrated compliance solutions. CTG specializes in workplace training, offering instruction on many topics and issues affecting today’s workplace.

We are always recruiting Qualified Trainers to represent Compliance Training Group in providing on-site, instructor-led training for clients in their offices and facilities.

Criteria: Qualified Trainers will travel and perform on-site training for our clients’ employees, using CTG’s curriculum, hand-outs, certificates and other materials pertaining to the requested training module(s).


Who is a Qualified  Sexual Harassment Prevention Trainer?

  • An attorney with at least two years of experience and whose practice includes employment law
  • A Human Resource Professional or Harassment Prevention Consultant with a minimum of two years practical experience designing harassment/discrimination prevention training, responding to harassment or discrimination complaints, conducting investigations of sexual harassment complaints, or advising employers on these issues
  • Law school or College Professors or Instructors with 20 instruction hours or 2 or more years of experience of teaching employment law
  • Individuals who do not meet the qualifications of a “Qualified Sexual Harassment Trainer” because they lack the necessary years of experience may “team teach” with a CTG trainer in classroom or webinar training for not less than two years or a minimum of twelve training sessions. Team teaching is only allowed if the lead trainer supervises the unqualified individual, and the lead trainer is available throughout the training to answer questions from training participants.



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Are you now or have your been a "Human Resource Professional," "Human Resource Consultant," or peer-to-peer trainer with a minimum of two years of practical experience?

Have you designed or conducted discrimination, retaliation, or sexual harassment prevention training?

Have your ever responded to harassment complaints or other discrimination complaints?

Have you ever conducted investigations of harassment complaints?

Do you have previous experience in advising employers or employees regarding discrimination, retaliation and harassment prevention?

Have you conducted live webinar training? NoYes

Do you have experience training U.S. federal Government personnel? NoYes

Do you have reliable transportation? NoYes

Are you able to travel? NoYes

Do you own a laptop computer? NoYes

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Our philosophy

“The degree to which misconduct remains unidentified is determined by how well employees are screened, trained, and supervised. Recognition, corrective action, and training are necessary steps to cultivating and preserving a healthy and profitable company.”

George J. Ramos, Jr. Co-founder

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