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Compliance Training Group has trained thousands of employees for employers of all sizes throughout North America. Our training programs help reduce the risk and expense caused by unethical, illegal or irresponsible employee activities in the workplace.

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online sexual harassment training

Compliance Training Group’s convenient online training makes it easy to meet your state’s compliance requirements. Our popular,self-paced supervisor and employee courses allow the individual learners to take the course at their leisure over the course of a month!

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Online Sexual Harassment Training eLearning

sexual harassment trainingeLearning courses on Sexual Harassment Awareness are now available for executives, supervisors, and employees. We offer two-hour sexual harassment training courses that satisfy specific state laws, such as California (AB 1825, U.S. Government Code 12950.1), Maine (Maine Revised Statute, Title 26, Section 807), and Connecticut (General Statutes, Section 46a-54 (15) (B) and 46a-54-204) as well as a general two hour course for all other states. California courses are available in Spanish and English language. Sign up today!

California Governor Signs Bill to Help Protect Female Farmworkers From Sex Abuse

SB 1087 Farmworker Sexual HarassmentA new Senate Bill was passed this week that focuses specifically on sexual harassment prevention in the farm worker community. Senator Bill Monning sponsored Senate Bill 1087, which will now require sexual harassment training for farm supervisors, employees and labor contractors. In addition, the bill will deny licenses to farm labor contractors that have been found to have committed sexual harassment within the past 3 years. According to Senator Monning, the need for the bill stems from frequent sexual harassment and sexual assault, including rape, which occurs within the farm worker population. Read More

Title 8: Section 3342 Workplace Violence in Health Care

Healthcare Workplace Violence PreventionCompliance Training Group’s workplace violence in healthcare training covers issues mandated by Title 8 Section 3342.

Employers are obligated to provide workplace violence training to employees so they are aware of the forms of workplace violence that they are at constant risk of encountering while on the job. Employers have a responsibility to collaborate with employees and representatives in creating training curricula and training materials, hosting training sessions, and revising the training program to stay up to date. Training should be conducted when the healthcare workplace violence prevention plan is initially introduced, when new employees are hired or assigned new duties, when new practices and equipment are introduced, and when new workplace violence hazards have been identified. Read More

Compliance Training Group provides many workplace training courses including:  Sexual Harassment Training,  Workplace Substance Abuse Awareness Training,  Workplace Diversity Training, Workplace Harassment Training, Workplace Violence Training, Team Development, Conflict Resolution, and Workplace Safety.  Most of these workplace training programs are available as online training or on site training.


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