Instructor-led Qualified Employee Training

Our “Train-the-Trainer” program empowers your organization to handle its own training needs. Once you have identified an appropriate, qualified employee to serve as your organization’s trainer, our intensive review of the course materials will prepare them to conduct legally compliant training for your entire organization. We offer a variety of topics, please visit our course library for a full list of topics offered. Our “Train-the-Trainer” service is delivered via one-on-one in person training. Each training session lasts approximately four hours long to cover all of the relevant information. We also offer custom “Train-the-Trainer” sessions to train on multiple topics during one extended training session or across multiple sessions, depending on your needs.

workplace compliance training courses for employeesOur best practices recommendation is to follow California’s stringent list of requirements for what constitutes a Qualified Trainer.

Although no other states have requirements this specific, better to be safe than sorry when it comes to selecting the person who will be responsible for training your organization in a legally compliant manner.

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