Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workshops

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workshops

Compliance Training Group has a long record of delivering high-quality training on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workshops (“DEI Workshops”).

However, recent studies show a one-off training may not be sufficient to create deep and lasting change in the culture of your organization. In fact, the research suggests a one-off diversity training may harm the organization as employees haphazardly use the terminology they learned in the training.

Our diversity, equity, and inclusion workshops include repeated sessions to provide better opportunities for reflection and dialogue. In between sessions, participants will be given time for journaling.

The journaling aspect of our diversity and inclusion workshops is unique to us alone. We challenge participants to take a deep dive into their feelings, shift them out and learn their origin, as most emotions arise from the subconscious and are deep-rooted to our childhood.

Our andragogical approach is designed as a learning journey. We found that by meeting repeatedly with the same group, participants tend to feel safer and are more likely to engage in meaningful dialogue during DEI workshops.

Woman attending online DEI WorkshopsIn fact, after several sessions with multiple companies, we found that many participants we’re able to clear the air and stop seeing DEI as a scary, complicated topic. Indeed, employees’ confidence increased as they learned the foundational knowledge, were able to internalize concepts, and were given the opportunity to ask thought-provoking questions in a respectful manner.

Data shows that our workshop series approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion can deepen understanding of the material and reinforce important concepts. Written, verbal and visual methods are effective for adults. In a multi-session workshop, we are able to engage employees in all three of these.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion workshops teach fundamental skills that are more important now than ever before

As you know, the introduction of technology and the globalization of our workforce means workplaces are now more diverse than at any other time in history.

Demographics have changed a lot in recent years, with up to five generations working side to side in the workforce. Each generation has different mannerisms, workplace views, upbringings, technological needs, and workplace environment demands.

The newest generation (Gen Z) will have never used a payphone or dial-up modem, learned cursive, or manually sent a fax. Baby Boomers’ main form of communication is in person or the telephone, while Gen Ys prefer a text or DM as their form of communicating with others.

These are just a few examples of changes in the way the workforce is motivated, and there are additional differences based on culture, ethnicity, and many other factors.

When it comes to the social context relating to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, we need to recognize and be more inclusive of all employees. Insensitivity in this area can lead to litigation or worse, losing great talent due to the inability to adapt to the emerging ideas of an effective workplace, especially for younger workers. DEI workshops can improve the interaction between employees and increase employee retention. 

Not only private employers but the public sector has their own challenges in this area too. Recent federal policy around diversity-related issues has had an impact on government agencies, contractors, the military, and grant recipients. The federal law will protect all employees from being terminated or denied other employment opportunities solely on the basis of their race, religion, sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

New policies have increased the need for diversity, equity, and inclusion workshops, and have also put stringent controls on these trainings.

It is vital to learn from one another throughout your organization. It is critical to respect different life experiences in order to support employees with the necessary skill set for this ever-changing world.

Sensitivity, self-awareness, and cultural competence are fundamental soft skills for the modern workplace.  An inclusion and diversity workshop can help facilitate these skills.

Which diversity and inclusion workshop is the most appropriate for your company?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion workshop training programs are at the top of many companies’ HR priorities.

Should you choose eLearning, webinars, onsite learning, or a series of workshops?

Online learning is usually the least expensive option, but does it cover all the subjects you want to address in a way that supports your policies?

A diversity workshop by CTG will include pre-workshop surveys and assessments. We can tailor the workshops to fit the needs of your organization with specific goals and outcomes.

We offer online video training in diversity and equity, as well as one-time live trainings that can be held in person or virtually.
However, if you are committed to lasting change in your organization’s culture, a diversity and inclusion workshop with multiple sessions will provide the best outcomes.

What to expect in a diversity workshop from CTG

Our diversity, equity, and Inclusion workshops do not refer to divisive concepts or suggest that one race is superior to another.

Furthermore, we do not imply that the United States is fundamentally racist or sexist.

In fact, we say the opposite. Our course takes a very standard definition of individual racism and denies that an individual is inherently racist by virtue of their own race or sex.

However, we do point out that racial and sex discrimination has become less acceptable, both socially and legally, since 1964.

This cautious approach illustrates the need for inclusionary behavior in the workplace. It encourages the adoption of such practices to a greater degree than a course that uses a confrontational approach.

After surveying many of the diversity, equity, and inclusion courses available from online providers, we designed our course to be especially well–rounded.

Training around this topic is engaging, with relevant questions and real-life scenarios that reflect your workplace values and those of your leadership team.

We first take steps to define many common terms related to bias, diversity, and inclusion. We supply examples of how diversity and inclusion issues might arise in a workplace setting.

Participants in our DEI workshops are then encouraged to recognize how inequity, injustice, and other harmful biases impact cooperation between co-workers or between a business and the community.

CTG’s Diversity and Inclusion workshop does not place blame on each other’s biases or imply that any employee is part of a privileged group.

Instead, we guide everyone to realize that biases, whether unconscious or not, do occur at work and we need to learn from them so we treat our co-workers, leadership, customers, and stakeholders with respect and dignity at all times.

We teach that it is okay to agree to disagree over certain issues while at work without acting in an uncivil way. We show that a disagreement does not automatically imply an unwillingness to understand other cultures and experiences.

Our Diversity and Inclusion workshops thoroughly explain the impacts of all types of discrimination, exclusion, and stereotypes in the workplace. By including a study from Harvard Business Review, we demonstrate the impact this behavior has on actual workplace consequences through statistics.

To reinforce these teachings, we spend time on simulated conversations with selective answers, and techniques to positively turn the behavior around for the company’s success.

By giving examples of how to act (or not to act), we provide employees and leadership with the tools to handle any inclusion-related situations that come up.

Many companies today are moving forward with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. Some companies are even weaving their D & I into their mission, vision, and values statements and instructing new hires to understand these areas when coming on board and joining the team.

CTG can assist employers with this initiative. However, we always recommend a Human Resources representative review any policy and refer it to their employment law attorney or in-house counsel.

Diversity and Inclusion workshops for leadership

Our CTG workshops for the leadership team describe ways to discourage discrimination and disparate treatment in the workplace.

We encourage management to recognize microaggressions among employees and show how to open a conversation on the subject of diversity and equity.

We teach employees to recognize the impact of their behaviors, especially when the employee is unaware that their behavior could be harmful.

In custom D&I workshops for leadership, CTG trainers will discuss and practice strategies for conversations to confront immediate observations or complaints of an employee around any stereotypes or other behaviors that are discriminatory or inappropriate.

CTG’s workshop team will work with leadership to explore the impact of these incidents upon the employee and the organization itself.

Leaders will learn how to determine where employees need more training while making it clear that discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated in the future.

In the event leadership observes such actions, the workshop provides scripts and other tools for interrupting the situation in a respectful manner.

Leaders will be taught to provide counterexamples on how the employee could have “said it better” and how to correct their actions moving forward.

Finally, CTG’s inclusion and diversity workshops train leaders to make employees feel free to express their discomfort with a situation and understand there will be no retaliation against them for coming forward.

The risks to an organization that doesn't host diversity and inclusion workshops

The employer and the aggressor’s liability cost is substantial today and can put the company’s finances at risk. Everyone must understand and accept responsibility in all situations in this context.

At the end of the diversity and inclusion workshop, leadership and management will have the tools to address insensitivity in any area of diversity in the workplace.

Get started with your Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

Compliance Training Group is prepared and ready to assist you in determining which training module, workshop, or format is best for your company.

In addition to a live workshop, either virtual or in-person, we offer eLearning and on-site training in English and Spanish.

We can customize sections of the modules to meet your company’s objectives and provide “add-on” mini-courses.

Please feel free to schedule a phone consultation with one of our senior executive trainers so we can better understand your needs and objectives.
As always, we are here to make this training or any of our courses a success!

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