Combating Contagious Illness in the Workplace Training

COVID-19 Coronavirus Awareness & Prevention for Employees


Combating Contagious Illness in the Workplace

Employers of both essential and non-essential businesses are now adopting policies including communicable disease training that are focused on best practices to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and contagious illnesses among employees.

Can your employees answer these four questions?

  • How can I avoid contagious illnesses?
  • How can I tell if I have a contagious illness?
  • What should I do if I have a contagious illness?
  • When is it safe to return to work after I’ve been sick?

There is no question that employers are legally responsible and potentially liable for employees and customers who get infected in the workplace, and not just with the coronavirus but any contagious illness. Today is the best time to create and implement your action plan to reduce risk, protect employees, reduce employer liability, and have continuing operations going forward.

Course Includes:

Results of Communicable Disease Training

The Compliance Training Group Difference

Massachusetts (Social Distancing & Hygiene) Reopening Training

In May 2020, Massachusetts laid out its Reopening Massachusetts Guidelines to ensure that the state’s reopening progressed smoothly and safely. This guidance included strategy’s and mandatory workplace safety standards for reopening all businesses and activities within the state during this time.

In accordance with Massachusetts, Reopening and Fighting COVID-19 Guidelines, our 22 minute course provides training for employees regarding social distancing and hygiene protocols required by the state for all businesses.

Mobile On-site Antibody and Temperature Testing Available

Special Opportunity for Businesses in Los Angeles or Orange County with the Purchase of our Combating Contagious Illness in the Workplace.

To ensure a healthy working environment, speak with our team today about having a mobile testing lab scheduled for your office. The testing process will provide you as an employer the proper protocol to follow a healthy protocol and reduce the risk of a lawsuit around getting sick at work. Compliance Training Group has the tools you need to train, test, and investigate if an issue arises.

Types of Testing Available

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Reading

Viral PCR/Nucleic Acid Testing

Antibody (Ab) Testing

Antigen Testing

Potential Impacts if you do not provide training or testing for your workplace

Your duty as an employer is to instill the proper communicable disease training and protocols for your workplace, from distancing to testing, additional cleaning, limiting travel, and minimizing group meetings in person, to name a few. Compliance Training Group is here to assist you in enhancing safety and morale by providing the proper training and testing for your workplace.

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