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Illinois Sexual Harassment Awareness for Supervisors

Illinois Sexual Harassment training supervisor with employeeThis course is for Illinois employers who are required to provide sexual harassment training.

In 2019, Illinois became the 6th U.S. State to require employers to provide sexual harassment training to employees. This law requires individuals with licenses issued by the IDFPR to complete 1 hour of continuing education on the topic of sexual harassment training. Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination based on sex and can occur in many forms and under many different circumstances. Illinois Senate Bill 75 contains a host of new protections for employees and many new requirements for employers. This includes a revision to what may be contained in an employment agreement, mandatory annual reporting to the Illinois Department of Human Rights, and emergency alert devices for Casino and Hotel employees.

Illinois Employers must immediately revise:

Compliance Training Group offers the following Illinois-compliant Sexual Harassment training:

Illinois Sexual Harassment Awareness for Employees

What makes our sexual harassment online training Illinois-compliant?

Our courses contain content that meets Illinois compliance requirements while providing modern and relevant sexual harassment training.  Our Illinois Sexual Harassment training course covers:

Our Illinois Sexual Harassment Prevention Course includes:

Supervisor and Employee Sexual Harassment Training

Senate Bill 75 contains four sets of laws that affect business owners in Illinois:

Passed August 9, 2019, Senate Bill 75 requires Illinois employers with more than one employee to meet compliance with a host a new employee protections. Among the new requirements are limits on the use of non-disclosure agreements, new protections for victims of gender violence, and mandatory reporting of all incidents of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Illinois Restaurant & Bar Supplement for Sexual Harassment Awareness

Effective January 1, 2020, all bars and restaurants operating in Illinois are required to provide annual sexual harassment training to all employees. The training must contain examples of illegal sexual harassment that are common to bars and restaurants and discuss manager/supervisor responsibilities under the law. The training must be made available in both English and Spanish. Failing to comply can lead to penalties for bars and restaurants between $500 and $5,000 per offense.

For more information, see SB 75.

Training Requirements

Sexual Harassment Training must cover the following information:

Under SB75, harassment training must be given to each employee, every year. The law does not specify when the training must occur, only that is must occur annually. Within the first calendar week of employment, restaurants and bars must inform new employees about its sexual harassment policy in writing. To minimize liability associated with untrained employees, we suggest that they undergo the mandatory training within a similar timeframe. At a minimum, we recommend bars and restaurants in Illinois adhere to best practices and train new employees within six months of hire, though the law in Illinois does not stipulate this explicitly.

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