Interactive Online Workplace Training

Compliance Training Group offers a dynamic eLearning solution that will enhance the way employees process information to memory. Compliance Training Group’s eLearning course materials offer learners the ability to reinforce their own specific learning modality to memory by offering enhanced visual, auditory and superior kinesthetic forms of learning at one time.

Woman Using Computer for TrainingUnderstanding the three different learning modalities is essential in developing and implementing an effective training course:


Learning by seeing; the visual cortex of the brain is larger than all of the other sensory cortexes of the brain collectively. Today’s generation-X learners have grown up in a media-based culture. The use of visual images is a large part of Compliance Training Group’s teaching practice.


Learning by hearing; the proper use of a lecture is to engage learners with information they cannot read on their own, such as a visually-impaired employee. Compliance Training Group’s courses can be played through computer speakers or over a headset.


Learning by doing; learning through firsthand experience or touching is the best possible way for many learners to be trained, as it often allows them to use all of their sensory processes to take in information. Interactive games and quizzes that reinforce previously explored content are a part of all Compliance Training Group’s e-learning course materials.


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