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Choose the Training Method that Fits Your Needs

We recognize our clients are diverse: we have trained members of the armed forces, customer service representatives, doctors, construction laborers, lawyers, social workers, miners, judges, forklift operators, scientists, sandwich experts, veterinarians…and the list keeps growing! We get it: not every client has a 30-seat boardroom with a multimedia center. Some clients have a dozen offices spread across the U.S. Some clients prefer a live classroom setting, while others want the convenience of on-demand online training. Some clients are so big, they need their own internal training department.

Just tell us which training method best suits your organization. Not sure? Our client success associates are happy to provide you with quotes for each delivery method so you can weigh the pros and cons of each and make an informed decision.

We offer the following delivery methods:


Compliance e-Learning is often considered the most convenient and budget-conscious delivery method. All you need is an internet connection, a web browser, and speakers/headphones. E-learning is extremely flexible, you can pause and come back, and you control the pace. The cost is also decreased, as there are no travel expenses and no need for printed materials.


Webinars are a meet-in-the-middle solution for clients who want the benefits of a live trainer, but don’t have a large venue or a budget for travel expenses. Similarly if you have employees and offices scattered across the country, a webinar may be the best option for creating a shared, unified employee training experience. A webinar test is conducted at least one week prior to the training date to ensure video and sound are working correctly and an on-site proctor (usually a designated member of your HR team) sits in to ensure employee attendance and participation. During the webinar, the trainer can ask questions, run through scenarios, and answer questions from attendees (either through the embedded chat messenger, or by having the on-site proctor ask the question).


For employers that wish to administer employee training internally, but want the convenience of pre-prepared legally compliant material, we offer our Train-the-Trainer program. The first step is to identify a person within your organization that meets the requirements for being a trainer. Next, one of our experts conducts one-on-one training on our content, relevant laws, how to facilitate the training, and critical documentation procedures to protect the organization. Lastly, we run through the course material together. Save the hassle of researching legal updates and incorporating new laws into course material. Skip the headaches and use the same training materials as the pros!


For enterprise-level clients who have their own hosted Learning Management System (LMS), our courses are SCORM compatible and can be purchased for perpetual use. Host your own online sexual harassment training and train as many employees as you need, at no additional cost. For a small fee we provide SCORM updates bi-annually, to ensure your courses meet statutory requirements, contain updated statistics, new videos, and revised quizzes and tests.


Onsite training is considered the most effective and enjoyable method of training. Our skilled subject matter experts bring a wealth of experience, share real world examples, and your employees have total access to ask questions and seek guidance. It also creates a unifying experience for your employees – everyone receives the same message at the same time.

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