Workplace Compliance Training Courses

Compliance Training Group has trained thousands of employees for employers of all sizes throughout North America. Our workplace compliance training programs help reduce risk and liability caused by unethical, illegal, or irresponsible employee conduct in the workplace.

workplace compliance training courses for employees

Our training materials are designed to meet and exceed compliance with state and federal laws.   Each of our courses contains challenging, thoughtful content that keeps your attention while meeting your compliance needs.

Our course library includes:

Each course provides participants with practical tools to identify, prevent, and remedy disruptive employee conduct such as substance abusesexual harassment, unethical decisions, and workplace violence.  Training includes the use of informative, easy-to-read deliverables like pamphlets, slides, and custom booklets to help participants better understand the sensitive issues under discussion.

Workplace compliance training courses, recognition, and corrective action can help cultivate and preserve a safe and profitable workplace.   Compliance Training Group specializes exclusively in workplace training programs, ranging from on-site instructor-led trainingeLearning, and webinars for executives, supervisors and employees.  For enterprise clients who already have their own hosted Learning Management System (LMS) in place, our courses can be purchased as SCORM files and integrated into your existing training program.

Contact us to learn more about custom tailored workshops which can be personalized to meet your organization’s training needs.

Sexual harassment training classes have always been our hallmark.  The founders of Compliance Training Group have decades of experience conducting sexual harassment investigations, and have assembled content that meets and exceeds compliance requirements for sexual harassment.   We are proud to offer sexual harassment training classes for California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, and New York supervisors and regular employees, as well as our signature Nationwide course.

As an employer, you may be legally responsible for maintaining a violence-free workplace.  Sexual harassment, substance abuse, and workplace violence incidents cost employers millions of dollars every year.  We recognize you have many choices for your Compliance training company, so our content is updated continuously to keep up with lawmakers.  We also recognize the demand for online compliance training for employees and offer a full library of workplace training courses online.   Visit our e-Learning store to learn more.

In addition to protecting employees, customers, visitors and vendors, employers must consider requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA) and State Workers’ Compensation Laws.

Lastly, consider the social value of training your employees.  Our courses cover professional conduct, workplace etiquette, strategies for coping with anger, bystander intervention, and guidance on how to create an inclusive, diverse, and modern workplace that recognizes the value of social movements like #MeToo and #Diversity.


Our philosophy

“The degree to which misconduct remains unidentified is determined by how well employees are screened, trained, and supervised. Recognition, corrective action, and training are necessary steps to cultivating and preserving a healthy and profitable company.”

George J. Ramos, Jr. Co-founder

We are proud to be certified with
SBA 8a
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SBA 8a
Department of General Services
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  • Conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner
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  • Care and contribute to our Communities
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