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Diversity in employee training procurement is an important factor for many organizations when determining the best, most appropriate vendor.  Compliance Training Group is committed to its offerings as a qualified and certified supplier of employee training services.  Please see our list and descriptions of our certifications & qualifications including NMSDC, DGS, VBSE, SBA, as well as state, local, & utilities as a preferred and diverse supplier of employment training services.

When you are looking for diversity when developing your RFP for diversity training, sexual harassment training, or other employee training, Compliance Training Group meets or exceeds your requirements.


Contact Employers Choice Online, Inc., Certified SBA 8a & NMSDC-MBE Firm for additional information.

Employers Choice Online, Inc.
dba Employers Choice Screening, Compliance Training Group –

we can respond to your RFP and look forward to providing a solution for your organization.


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    Our philosophy

    “The degree to which misconduct remains unidentified is determined by how well employees are screened, trained, and supervised. Recognition, corrective action, and training are necessary steps to cultivating and preserving a healthy and profitable company.”

    George J. Ramos, Jr. Co-founder

    We are proud to be certified with
    SBA 8a
    Department of General Services
    SBA 8a
    Department of General Services
    Delivery Methods
    • Conduct business with Integrity and Ethics
    • Proving  the highest quality services
    • Provide Timely and Accurate Information
    • Creating Wealth Through Profits & Growth
    • Conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner
    • Build a Positive and Professional Team
    • Pursue Growth and Learning
    • Embrace and Drive Change
    • Client Value Creation
    • Foster a Safe Workplace for Employees
    • Care and contribute to our Communities
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