Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: What is DEI?

Understanding the Differences between Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion – DEI Training

Diverse Team Interacting in DEI Training

So, let’s talk about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (“DEI“). Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training (“DEI Training“) can be complex. While most people would agree that all these terms are related, the differences might be less precise. Nevertheless, it is essential to understand these differences so that company goals can be achieved. DEI explores all of the unique characteristics about employees, including race, color, generation, ethnicity, body type/shape, language, culture, work style, nationality, tech-savviness, sexual orientation, religion, gender, marital status, socio-economic status, stage in life, physical, mental and or any other distinguishing characteristic can be used to confront or discriminate against individuals in any organization. Historically, diversity has primarily been defined as visible or heard, like skin tones, accents, and foreign traditions. That narrow definition of diversity that centers on “one of us is not like the rest of us” has given way to an evolving definition. However, today’s definition of diversity (the D of DEI), as you might suspect, is the ability to bring together different minds with different points of view with their varying life experiences, including the other distinguishing characteristics listed above. Or simply stated, diversity is about how our differences make us unique.

On the other hand, Equity deals with concepts like justice, fairness, and impartiality that should be easy to understand but are not readily apparent in private organizations or even government systems within our society. At the heart of Equity, we look at impartial processes, procedures, and treatment of all individuals, not just those with specific characteristics that have historically been treated better with more favorable conditions without fear for safety, justice, or fairness.

It’s not just about equality; Inclusion means building a space for all voices to be heard, even if it’s not popular and comfortable. Inclusion is about valuing these differences in all that we do and building a community capable of excelling, despite their differences. Inclusion is the practices and principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion considering people of all ages, abilities, faiths, cultures, work styles, and experience levels. Inclusion is about making sure everyone has access to the opportunities they deserve. So, we create a welcoming culture for all eager to do good work for the world.

DEI Training - Diverse group of employees seated and conversing togetherThe essence of Inclusion is about being treated with dignity and respect as all humans should be, that you are valued as an equal partner, heard as an individual, and appreciated for all your unique skills and talents. Your uniqueness thrives when the above ingredients are present in any environment (workplace, home, the community, or social groups). You feel the environment is fair, just, and equitable to all; you know that you belong because you found a second place that you will drop anchor, invest, and grow—this is Inclusion.

DEI are interrelated concepts that all work together in a company to create a culture of inclusivity. DEI are the things that give your organization its innovative competitive advantage. DEI is many components, as seen above, with depth and texture that require an investment to understand and appreciate genuinely.

DEI, and DEI Training are not just buzzwords; they should be the core values of any workplace because, without extraordinary talent, you have a company with people in it. It’s about striving to help each person reach their full potential by understanding themselves and their backgrounds. Diversify your team, so you have the best ideas represented across your organization. Diversity means different voices, life experiences, and ideas; It benefits everyone to have a diverse workforce with different perspectives.

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