Employee Workplace Discipline Training

One-On-One Incident Response / Corrective Action For Employees or Supervisors

Incident Response / Corrective Action Awareness Training

Our team of experienced trainers have extensive knowledge of HR and disciplinary/corrective action, which makes us uniquely suited to conduct training with employees that require intervention as a result of an internal investigation or complaint.

Our Incident Response / Corrective Action Awareness training is suitable for situations where corrective-action is needed for one employee. Positive discipline training is an integral part of any incident response and corrective action.

Perhaps the employee in question is not aware of the severe legal liability of sexual harassment and abusive conduct, or has no experience with the reputational harm caused by sexual harassment allegations. Incident Response / Corrective Action Awareness training can help pinpoint the issues and provide practical guidance on why their conduct is offensive and considered harassment.

We close the training session with a commitment from the employee that they will not repeat their misconduct.

Topics include conflict resolution, professional boundaries, diversity and inclusion, hostile work environment, and sexual harassment. The objective is to minimize potential future incidents and create an inclusive, equity-based workplace.

Recognizing the Need for Positive Discipline Training

Why does harassment persist and take place in so many of our workplaces?

All of our courses provide content that meets compliance with federal and state laws. However, for situations where corrective-action is needed for one individual employees, we offer Incident Response / Corrective Action Awareness training.

We cover definitions and other legally mandated topics, but the training is centered on dignity, respect, and professional boundaries. We follow through with a dialogue on how their behavior and actions have not demonstrated professional boundaries and how they can correct it. Employees are given guided positive discipline training to encourage them to correct inappropriate behavior. Trainees are expected to demonstrate they will adhere to Company policy and the law.

For supervisors, we also cover workplace duties, supervisor liability, and personal conduct.

This course is 2-4 hours in length, depending on the severity and context of the incident.

Training Includes:

This course is not intended to serve as a legal opinion or as a substitute for legal advice. Consult your attorney regarding any employment-related claims and disciplinary action.

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