Former Volleyball Coach & Cal Poly Finalize Separation Agreement

judge-notFormer Cal Poly volleyball coach Jon Stevenson will receive most of the money owed to him under his prior contract, according to a separation agreement obtained Thursday by The Tribune.
Additionally, Cal Poly has limited the chance of future sexual harassment allegations against Stevenson, who was relieved of his coaching duties by athletic director Don Oberhelman on Sept, 1.


International Monetary Fund Leader Charged with Sexual Harassment

The life at the International Monetary Fund is a close knit group of alpha male economists who work on lengthy projects all over the world. Women are generally in positions of lesser authority, and have continually complained about unwanted sexual advances.

This is the lender of last resort for governments that need money and, under the leadership of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, an emerging force in the regulation of the global economy.


Herman Cain Dismisses Sexual Harassment Claims as ‘Witch Hunt’

iStock_000021441734_FullHerman Cain, one of the frontrunners in the Republican race for the White House, dismissed allegations of sexual harassment against him as a “witch hunt” as he launched a damage limitation exercise to keep his candidacy afloat.

Over the course of two public appearances before the media and an interview with Fox News, Cain confirmed that he had been the subject of sexual harassment complaints involving two female workers in the restaurant industry – but insisted he had been “falsely accused”.


eBossWatch New Sexual Harasser Database

eBossWatch-logo-blue350The eBossWatch has a new search tool for obtaining information about people who have been accused of sexual harassment in the workplace. Personally, I think it is a good idea, but what are you going to do with this information? Only a very small percentage of sexual harassment complaints ever end up in court, so the chances of finding something of significance are pretty slim.


Investigation at West Covina Unified Clears Board Members

An investigator iStock_000048253036_Mediumhas concluded that a former West Covina Unified superintendent’s claims of discrimination, retaliation and sexual harassment are “without merit,” district officials said this week.

Liliam Leis-Castillo, who was hired as West Covina Unified superintendent in 2006, filed suit against the district and board members Mike Spence and Steve Cox in August, following her termination by a board vote in May.

Castillo’s lawsuit claims she was fired because she did not reciprocate Cox’s alleged sexual advances toward her and because she opposed the way the board was managing the district’s charter school.


Former First 5 Employee Sues County of Riverside

thumb_aid142COR_ICON_Template3314A former First 5 Riverside employee has sued Riverside County and its public health officer, who she has accused of sexual harassment.

Pamela Luna, hired almost a year ago as a First 5 department manager, said she was fired earlier this month. She filed her lawsuit April 27 in Riverside County Superior Court.
She is seeking compensation for lost wages and benefits and mental and emotional distress, according to the lawsuit.


California Law Enforcement Officer Wins Sexual Harassment Case

Day 48/365

Many people spend more than one-third of their time at work. Although many individuals are passed the point of believing that every element of their jobs will be perfect, they do not expect to be harassed in the workplace. Yet that is the sad reality that many individuals face on a daily base.

Bosses, co-workers and even customers can create a hostile work environment. While employers may no

ted to harassment for about three years.


Former Auto Worker Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

iStock_000012200232_MediumJanet Burney and Pat Byers may have been your average lovebirds back in 2007 when they started dating. Fast-forward a few years to March 2010, however, and the two had ended their relationship.

Nothing unusual there, except that Janet was an autoworker for Chrysler and Pat is a union official for the United Auto Workers. Correction: We should say “was a worker,” because after their relationship ended, Burney alleges she was fired… and now she’s suing for unfair termination.


Sexual Harassment and the Restaurant Industry

3230-EEOC_SEAL_2The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) has targeted the restaurant industry as the “single largest” source of sexual harassment claims. Recent cases show a prevalence of inappropriate workplace conduct among younger, less experienced workers. A recent 2005 case suggests that when an employee complains that a co-worker physically touched her, simply warning the offending co-worker may be an insufficient response if other employees subsequently engage in similar conduct.

Before you dismiss this case as something unlikely to happen in your workplace, ask yourself:


Strauss-Kahn Arrest Leads to an Increase in Sexual Harassment Complaints

sexual harassment complaints Dominique Strauss-KahnHarassment in the workplace is an ongoing issue. Many people are wary of coming forward and making a sexual harassment complaint for fear of retaliation or being ostracized by co-workers.  Recently there have been high profile cases and in the case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, an arrest.  These cases have led to an increase in the number of people willing to come forward and file complaints.

An article by Christian Fraser for the BBC reports that there have been an increasing number of sexual harassment complaints in recent months, as women are breaking their silence. The BBC article reports that perhaps that arrest of Dominique Strauss
-Kahn was a turning point for these women. Fraser writes:


Sexual Harassment Retalitation? You be the judge

Sexual harassment retaliation is a liability threat for employers.Sexual harassment retaliation is a liability threat for employers.  If an employee files a sexual harassment complaint it is important to ensure that the person filing the complaint is not demoted, fired, or otherwise penalized for filing the complaint.  It is important to know what your obligations are as an employer.  However, there are cases when claims of retaliation for sexual harassment are not valid.  The following is an example.

An Alabama store manager was sexually harassed by her first boss, who was fired after HR investigated her complaint. But then she was fired, the day after her second harassment complaint. The reason was excessive absence: She was out sick for 5 consecutive days and didn’t present a doctor’s note.

What happened

Jones was hired to manage a convenience store located in a travel plaza that also contained a gas station and a restaurant. The plaza is part of a group owned by Flying J. She started in early December 2005, but by the following March, she had complained to a lawyer that the hiring manager was sexually harassing her. The lawyer informed the employer, HR investigated, and the hiring manager was fired.


Workplace Violence Policy and the Employers’ Liability To Provide Safe Working Conditions

Although workplace violence problems are not new, they are growing in public awareness. Consequently, there are legal developments and potential liability risks that all employers face. To understand associated legal risks and issues, and ultimately create change and develop solutions to problems, one must first gain an understanding of the different types of workplace violence and the factors which may indicate potential threats.  It is also important that employers create and implement a workplace violence policy to ensure better understanding of the issue and the proper procedures to take when potential problems arise.

Types of Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is distinguished by four categories: disgruntled employees, crimes by unknown assailants, displaced domestic violence, and sexual harassment. Each presents distinctive risk factors which need to be addressed, as well as preventive measures which should also be considered and employed to decrease the likelihood of violent criminal acts. Whenever a civil action is under investigation by counsel or by an expert, categories of assailants and employer actions must be considered.